One man’s garden …

… is another man’s house
Kugelbahn / Kolonie Wedding, Berlin


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The performances:

In possible.movements new work the theme of the curation is landscape and structures that appear and disappear from the surrounding area of the → Kugelbahn / Kolonie Wedding.
Our exhibition space is located in close proximity to the boarder of East and West Berlin, which is currently used as a recreational park as well as a distinction between the Berlin areas of Wedding and Pankow. The venue, a former bar, is a pavilion that stands away from a busy street next to the S-Bahn. The Kugelbahn itself is in the basement where sausage and beer used to be sold but has since been renovated into a café/gallery. The guests have also changed…
One man’s garden is another man’s house would reflect upon the urban landscape in order to discover the hubs, friction, surfaces, and spaces around the Kugelbahn. The result will be a performance for the Kugelbahn, two dancers, one artist, accordion and typewriter…


The exhibition:


The exhibitions principle is, that anything that is shown in the exhibition is occuring or being installed during the performance. In the closing performance all traces and finally the whole exhibition slowly disappears.




choreography | dance: Claudia Garbe
choreography | Tanz: Johanne Castillo-Bro
composition | akkordeon | sound: Daniel Vezza
drawing | space: Ingolf Watzlaw


performed on Mai 31st and June 23rd at → Kugelbahn / Kolonie Wedding, Berlin