Überschritten # 1-3

Pavillon am Milchhof, Berlin


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The three performances of Überschnitten were created for the → Pavillon am Milchhof
in Berlin. Each performance had a different focus on the themes the group disovered by
exploring the environment around the Pavillon.
These performances/exhibitions were connected to one another through our use of the
space in and around the Milchhof as well as overlapping material that
possible.movement had created from previous performances. Using the Pavilion’s
architecture had a great impact on the choice of material, allowing us to transform both
geometric shapes and abstracted sounds.


Überschritten # 1
10 August, 2012


In our first performance the basis behind our material was an uninterrupted silent walk
through the area around the Milchhof. The group silently walked through the urban
landscape while recording sounds, notating movements, and taking in graphic signs.
Possible.movement interpreted the urban sounds, movements, and shapes as a
collective rhythm, which was then translated in detail into our performance. At the same
time members of the group created elaborate methods of communicating during the
performance, making the outer workings of the environment and inner dynamics between
performers inseparable.


Überschritten # 2
10 August, 2012


After our inaugural performance, where possible.movement collected material during the
silent walks: Movements, field recordings, pictures, and graphical structures, were
developed in different sequences. The sesequences were then combined with new
material, exchanged between performers, repeated, and varied.


Überschritten # 3
10 August, 2012


The third and final performance was a reduction of the first two and of the group’s
research time at the Pavillon. The developed materials, solos, improvisations, and
fragments of the landscapes were playfully questioned while pushing the borders of
where the performance space ends and where the surrounding environment begins.



Choreography + Dance: Claudia Garbe
Choreography + Dance: Johanne Castillo-Bro
Composition + Accordion: Daniel Vezza
Drawing + Space: Ingolf Watzlaw


Premiere 10. / 17. und 24.08. 2012 at the → Pavillon am Milchhof, Berlin