about us


The artist group possible.movement, founded in 2009, concerns itself with the interface between choreography, drawing and composition and presents the results of their research in different performances and installations. The individual artists from the group come from different art forms – dance, music and visual art.


The aim of the group is to find the form of communication as an artistic praxis and the exchange between the individual arts in order to overcome the traditional definition of the separate categories, without however the borders between the art forms absolute to abandon.


In fact possible.movement is interested in making the productive potential of the manifold interference between graphic, sound, movement and body accessible and to understand the
borders between the art forms as regions of the interference. For that purpose the collective compositions-, improvisations- and notation strategy are developed in order to show the experience of the interaction between the different artistic forms of expression and medias and to abandon the hierarchy between the art forms.

The artistic process and its performance is possible.movement’s focus.

Since 2010 is the key aspect of the work from possible.movement the examination of landscapes and locations. In doing so performantive answers and reflections are developed throughout the rehearsal process, which are based on the research of particular locations. The musicality, the quality of the graphic and the movements of the locations are developed into collective compositions. The compositions refers to the consistency, the structure and the manifold textures of the locations: water, wind, flora and fauna, urban structures etc. It occurs, due to this collective exchange from the different materials, a fitting together of sensuous-artistic perspectives of these locations or landscapes. The aim of this work is to abdicate to representative and figurative presentation and instead to make the locations and landscapes, which has been worked with, emerge in a new performative way.


The ensemble possible.movement is a collaboration between


Johanne Castillo Bro (documentation + dance),

Claudia Garbe (choreography + dance),

Daniel Vezza (composition + accordeon)

and Ingolf Watzlaw (visual art).





Johanne Castillo Bro (documentation + dance) studied contemporary dance in Denmark and Munich. Since 2004 she has worked as a dancer, choreographer and teacher in Denmark, Munich, Paris and China, among others with ACC/Encorps, InSenso, Katja Wachter, Willy Dorner, Jess Curtis, Gill Clarke and Rosalind Crisp. She lives and works in Berlin since 2009 as a freelance artist and dance teacher and studies German language and literature and philosophy at the South Danish University in Odense, Denmark

Claudia Garbe (choreography + dance) was born in Dresden. She studied Culture Studies/Performing Arts in Hildesheim and Wologda (Russia) and Choreography in Berlin at HfS „Ernst Busch“/HZT, where she got a scholarship of Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung. In 2010 she started to research the relation between body and landscape in choreography and was invited for a two month residency at Critical Path, Sydney. 2011 she premiered her solo „Into/Out of Landscape“ at LaborGras, Berlin and was invited with the work to the german days of contemporary dance in Tschelabinsk (Russia). She lives and works in Berlin.

Daniel Vezza (composition + accordeon) was born in New Jersey and studied composition at the Manhatten School of Music and at Yale University with Nils Vigeland, Giampaolo Bracali, Martin Bresnick, Walter Zimmermann and Ingram Marshall.
He recieved a President’s Prize scolarshop and awarded the Frances E. Osborne Kellogg Memorial Prize. From 2008 until 2010 he was Meisterschüler at the UDK in Berlin. His pieces have been performed by the Ensemble Interface in Graz and by the Ensemble Dal niente. Since 2008 he lives and works in Berlin.

Ingolf Watzlaw (visual art) studied architecture in Dresden, Lisbon and St. Louis / Mo as well as stage design in Berlin. Since 2000 he worked in several dance and theatre productions. From 2003 until 2008 he was assistant professor at the architecture department of the University Cottbus (BTU), were he researched and taught the relation between space, picture, graphic and the human body.
He lives and works in Berlin.