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A performance based on silence


An illustrator situated close to a wall starts to draw a line. In another part of the room a dancer translates the movement of the line with her body. A musician observes the dance and creates sounds with different instruments, playing a succession of notes that do not break the continuity of the line. Suddenly everybody will break. The movement, sound, and graphic are replaced by silence. Then a new movement is initiated. …

A three-dimensional shape emerges from the dance of the two-dimensional line, which again through music turns into a timeline.
How important is the silence between dance, music and drawing?
In the performance Weggelassen the different musical, graphic and chorographic shapes become visible through the pauses and silence they emanate from.
In the pause we start to hear, see, feel our weight, and remember. The entire space turns into an archive of previous actions.
Every shape in this achieve will be brought to a new order inside our memory and will become the initial point of each new movement.
In the performance the attention is drawn towards the starting and ending point of a movement, tone and line all of whose direction points towards the emptiness in which the different movements emanate from.


Choreography + dance: Claudia Garbe
Drawing + space: Ingolf Watzlaw
Composition + Accordeon: Daniel Vezza
Dramaturgy: Johanne Castillo Bro


Premiere the 20.08.2011 in Berlin in the context of Salon K