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In the performance Angeschnitten, possible.movement works with observations and impressions of landscape near the coast at the Darß peninsula during a residency at → Künstlerhaus Lukas in Ahrenshopp, Germany.
Similar to the performance → zwischenzwei.fluss the question, how the experience of a specific landscape can be converted into a performative state, was asked.
In Angeschnitten we used the method of our artistic research in urban spaces and applied it to the countryside. Our primary interest within this landscape was the physical experience of a moving profile. The main location was the landscape along the coastline, where our process, time wise and space wise, would be experienced and initially captured through a collection of images, sounds, movements and objects.
The results of the research developed throughout the rehearsal process was assimilated into a 45 minutes long performance.
The intention was to establish imaginary locations in order to enable new perceptions of the local landscape for the audience.


Choreography + dance: Claudia Garbe
Drawing + space: Ingolf Watzlaw
Composition + Accordion: Daniel Vezza
Dramaturgy: Johanne Castillo Bro


Premiere the 18.02. 2012 in → Neuen Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop