research | Milchhof

research of the performances

→ Überschritten # 1-3


silent walks

The pictures were taken, during different → silent walks around the → Pavillon am Milchhof in Berlin.
The silent walks (walks where we don’t talk in order to concentrate on our perceptions) are a method, whitch possible.movement uses to explore places or landscapes and to find out more about their special character. During these silent walks we make audio and video recordings, take pictures, make sketches and collect different objects.
Afterwards all the impressions are written down and evaluated. Based on this material the performances are developed in the rehearsals.


collections / objects

During the silent walks around the Pavillon am Milchhof different objects that represent the character of their location are collected. For possible.movement to collect is an artistic strategy in order to find certain forms or shapes that later are used in the performances.


perception maps

The perception maps emerged from the landscape around the pavilion serve to capture auditive, visual and atmospherical impressions. From these maps, single themes are chosen and developed further during the rehearsals.