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impressions of the landscape / Darß

Impressions of the landscape on the Darß peninsula. THe different states of the landscape where the initial point of our research about the „backside of the landscape“, witch possible.movement has made during their scholarship im „Künstlerhaus Lukas“ in Ahrenshoop.


collections / objects

tHe first part of the research in Ahrenshoop was to collect sounds by fieldrecordings and objects that have been found on the waterfront. The pictures show found objects and collections of stranded goods like seawater, stones and small clay bricks. The different acts of „collecting“,“concentrating“ and „accumulating“ al well as the different forns of the collected objects have been treated during the rehersal process and captured performativly.



The drawings have been made in outdoors and inside the atelier.
The drawings explore form, colour, structure and texture of the landscape.
The 2 first sketches occured outside in the landscape and capture their form and character.
The following watercolour drawings explore the colours and textures of the landscape.