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Drawings fron the three Performances Überschritten # 1-3.

The pictures of the two drawings are taken after each of the 3 performances and show
several states of the drawings. So the different dynamic of each performance becomes
visible. The first performance Überschritten # 1 started with an enpty white
sheet of paper. The third picture of the row always shows the last state of the drawing.



charcoal + watercolour, each 27,5 x 39,4 inches



Drawings from the rehersal and research process for the performancee Überschritten # 1-3.

The drawings, that are developed during the rehersals at the → Pavillon am Milchhof,
show different graphical qualities and movement sequences, whitch accrue from the research
in the urban surrounding of the pavillion.



charcoal, pencil + watercolour, each 11 3/4 x 16 1/2 inches